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Tangled WiresDon't you hate those ugly tangles of spare cables? Eventually, we all end up with drawers or boxes full of cable spaghetti. And good luck if you actually need to find something. Read these Cable Storage Tips.

Your customers are already talking about you online – a website helps you to control the conversation!

Of course, as a business owner, you likely already know that just because something is cheap and easy to do doesn't mean that it's a necessity for your company! But the importance of taking your small business online goes far deeper.
Many small businesses opt-out of website creation because they fail to see how the time and resources needed to maintain a web presence can fit into their already-packed "to do" lists and cash-strapped budgets. Unfortunately, this is shortsighted. Even if you haven't invested in the creation of a small business website, you have a web presence – but it's your customers that are controlling the conversation.

influence marketingThe publication date for Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media  is projected for March, 2013.  The practice of influence marketing, popularized by Daniel Edelman in the late 1960′s with celebrity endorsements, is enjoying a renaissance in the social media era.

As more and more consumers migrate to online communications, the concept of branding and advertising has been democratized.  

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ads preference managerCookie based tracking allows Google to tailor ads to your preferences...see what Google thinks about you! Edit, add to, or Opt Out of their ad tailoring experience. Google's Ads Preference Manager is a tool that lets you opt out of Google's interest-based ads or edit the interests and demographics associated with your browser.